Photography is my passion, and a hobby I love dearly. The best reward for me, is capturing and conveying the beautiful moments and scenes before my eyes. During this journey, some liked what I was able to offer:

N-Photo magazine is a Nikon specific, but independent magazine published in United Kingdom. In the November 2013 issue, N-Photo magazine published my photo Ode to the Moon. Because I’m not a subscriber, the editor kindly mailed me a copy of the issue from UK, and sent me screenshots of the pages. It is a very informative and thorough magazine for Nikon shooters, judging from the issue I received. In the November issue, it provides a wealth of information of different Nikon models, as well as Nikon lenses from different manufactures. It also discusses different shooting techniques and post-processing how-toes. A very well-round magazine for sure.

N-Photo published Ode to the Moon in the November 2013 Issue.

N-Photo published Ode to the Moon in the November 2013 Issue.

I’m very honored to be one of the featured photographers to write for Photography 101, a monthly installment of the Daily Post, an official blog of Photography 101 is purposed to provide information of basic photography elements that make a photograph what it is: Composition, Depth of Field, Point of View, Use of Light, Use of Color, etc. The subject I was asked to write was Color in photography. Since the subject is pretty vast, I tried my best to explain it in more simple terms. It is a two-part post, in which I explained Color Temperature, White Balance, Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Contrast, and a little about image file formats and how cameras interpret colors. Here are the links to the two-part article, which was published on October 15th and 16th, 2013:

Photography 101: A Primer on Color Photography, Part I
Photography 101: A Primer on Color Photography, Part II

If you are interested, have a look at all the other articles in the series written by other talented photographers. They provide a vast of amount of information and useful tips about photography.

Wordpress Daily Post Photography 101 Color Photography Daily Post Photography 101: Color Photography

The Facebook page of Nikon Deutschland (Germany) publishes works of Nikon photographers about 4 times a month. My photo “Ode to the Moon” was selected to be published in October 2013. Though the whole thing was in German, and I don’t really know what they said about it, but Google translate helped a little. 🙂 The original post is here: Ode to the Moon.

Ode to the Moon Nikon Germany Screenshot

Ode to the Moon on Nikon Deutschland Facebook Page

Screenshot of "Up", and the cover of Photography Masterclass April 2013 issue.

Screenshot of “Up”, and the cover of Photography Masterclass April 2013 issue.


which portraits the ceiling of Wang center of Stony Brook University, was picked to be one of the Editor’s Choices of the April 2013 issue of Photography Masterclass Magazine, a digital magazine available on iPad in Apple Newsstand. It was published as a full-page spread. Since I don’t have an iPad, I can’t really see what it looks like. So the editor sent me screen shots. The original post of the photo is here: Up – The Ceiling of Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University, Long Island, New York.