This is me…and this photo was taken by my 6-year old daughter. No special lighting, no makeup, all

The world through my eyes…Some things maybe too common, we may miss them; some things maybe too rare, they’ll only happen once. Some places I visit everyday, and I start to ignore the beauty; some places I may only be able visit once in a lifetime.

A few facts of me:

I love art, photography, and music.

I enjoy yoga, a good read, nature, and dancing.

I have caring parents, a loving husband, and two wonderful children.

I’m a Buddhist.

I like to take photos of things that are common, and try to capture their beauty.

I always believe life is more beautiful when we share and love…

This blog started on June 13, 2012. All photos and artworks are original and copyrighted. If you like them and would like to share them, please kindly refer back to this blog. If you’d like to license photos for commercial use or you’d like prints of any photo, please feel free to contact me.