A View with Ming

the world through my eyes… photographs by Ming Gullo
A Peaceful Walk


    • Ming

      Thanks. 🙂 I was actually facing the sun for this shot so the sky appeared pretty bright, though I adjusted the shuttle and f-stop to compensate it. In post processing, I wanted to bring out the sun rays more, so the sky got lighter. 🙂

    • Ming

      Yeah, I pretty much scout all the locations, where I consider could produce nice shots. Of course, except when I’m taking travel shots on vacation. I’ve been in this park, and on these trails many, many times, though this was my first time there late in the Fall. Advantage is, this park is not far away from my home (roughly 15 minutes drive). So I can see how the weather and light is, and run over. 🙂 And yes, I do bracket some of my shots, especially when I’m uncertain about the light, and how it affects the image I have in mind. But I must add, I use it as a way to find out what the result would be. I shoot mostly with manual, because camera’s bracketing could easily be fooled by bright skies and reflective surfaces. What I do most is, shoot manual, and adjust accordingly, shoot some more. 🙂


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